The company

Koren Text works to the highest standards and is ISO 9001:2015 accredited (since 2004).

We provide services to leading companies in Israel and abroad, both in the commercial and security sectors.

Koren Text Ltd., provides services to general and hi-tech industries including: translation, technical/marketing writing, outsourcing, employee placement.

Koren Text, part of the Koren Group, was founded in 2003. The company's activity began in 1991 as a department within the Korentec Technologies firm.

The vision

Koren Text seeks to be a virtual department for its customers, providing dependable, efficient and quality service, to ensure their full satisfaction.

Fields of operation


Our translation department employs professional translators, in a wide variety of languages. Highly experienced translators will provide accurate translations skillfully and within a short response time. All jobs are matched to the translator's fields of expertise and education.


Our recruitment department supplies outsourcing and placement solutions to serve organizational needs in the fields of engineering, purchasing, administration, etc.

Company activities
Recruitment: outsourcing and placement


  • A range of employee placement solutions in the fields of: Mechanical engineering, industry & management, purchasing, marketing & sales, configuration management, administration, etc.
  • Selection of employees and senior professionals from an exclusive pool that enables a fast and precise response to customer needs.
  • Outsourcing – employment of skilled employees to work in-house at our customers' sites, for short-term or extended engagements.
  • Placement.


  • Translation of documents and technical articles in various fields.
  • Translation of financial documents, e.g., balance sheets, board of directors reports, Barnea Report, etc.
  • Legal translations: contracts, agreements, etc.
  • Marketing / advertising / website translations.
  • Localization.
  • Simultaneous / consecutive translation: for conferences, committees, course support and business meetings.
  • Linguistic and technical editing / document design, proofreading.
  • Our translations department uses Trados and other CAT tools.
Graphic design and production


  • Graphic arrangement: our graphic artists adapt translated files, to conform with the original.
  • Graphic design: for brochures, folders, etc.
  • Editing and design, using: Illustrator, Photoshop, Corel Draw, Freehand, InDesign.
  • 3D graphic design: creation of three-dimensional models and various levels of simulations using 3D Max and Maya software.
  • Editing of organizational/PR films, films for exhibitions, product/marketing films in various styles, e.g., photography / three-dimensional, etc.
  • Production of pamphlets, folders and posters.
Contact details

Recruitment Manager

Shiri Duchovny

050-8825127 /04-8749051

Outsourcing & Technical Writing Department Manager

Shiri Duchovny

Tel: 04-8749051 / 050-8825127

Translation Department Manager

Shiri Shushan

Tel: 04-8749055 / 050-8825114

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